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Company Profile

CER Company have been established on 1985 as a share holding company; working to service all engines users, rebuild engine parts, and manufacture spare parts.
Our machining facility covering a highly range and capacity of engines.. Learn more

Our License

CER company, is a member of Area Automotive (Engine Rebuild Association) in USA ID# 25069 since 1991.


CER company, is a licend company from Alexandria government no.318 El Amreya first division

CER,is a member in the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce registration no.122194-Alex. and Registered in the Ministry of Trading and Industry,  registration no.24260.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to supply, at a reasonable cost, rebuilt engines that meet the valid needs and expectations of our customers with the best quality standard.
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With 30-plus years of experience in the remanufacture and rebuilding of engines,.
CER offers dealers helpful advice in the maintenance of remanufactured engines
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